Phase 3 Hatching

Phase 3 Hatching



“The egg is starting to hatch and it is your turn to get a preview of what is going on inside…”

Nick Bowen creates a single or series of initial graphic mock-ups for your inspection depending upon the scope of the project. These will be displayed on the Nick Bowen site at:, or otherwise delivered according to your needs.

Your task is to inspect the proposed outcomes and show colleagues and a sample of target audiences or users if appropriate. You do not have to sign off on initial mock-ups as further modifications can take place.

Nick Bowen generally allows two stages of mock-ups: initial mock-ups and a refinement stage (if required).

Nick Bowen refines mock-ups and displays them online for your feedback.

Once you are pleased with the progress you then sign off on final mock-ups. (A Hatching Fee of 50% is then payable to Nick Bowen) Thus allowing the birth to become a reality