Collection of Works – Archived

Collection of Works – Archived

Below is a collection of works from years past and we have decided to archive these listings. We decided to keep for nostalgia!

Sites Developed when I mainly lived in the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Storm Shade & Enviro Tek – Product Gallery Brochure Website 

Stormshade, a new business to the Australian Market, commissioned Nick Bowen to develop a web presence to capture the clientele of Australia.

Storm Shade’s vision was to create a simple and engaging site to showcase the product range and capabilities, to a relatively uneducated market..

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Pelican Waters Estate – Website & and Content Management System 

Nick Bowen was contracted to develop an online presence for Pelican Waters Estates to Dtb!. Nick Bowen’s Role saw him take the graphic concepts created by Dtb! and formulate a complete dynamic web package, consistent with all other promotional material.

Nick Bowen was further commissioned to develop into a full interactive content management system where by staff members can update all images and information, as easy as possible, on the live website.

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Oz Reunion Website Re-development & Template Creation 

Nick Bowen was asked to re-develop The purpose of the redevelopment was to make the site look more appealing to the target market, and provide functionality updates. New navigation, design and layout features have been implemented.

The owner of Oz Reunion requested master templates and artwork for the site so that in the future he can update and maintain the site.

Oz Reunion is a very successful reunion website where it asks members to list details about their long lost friends and relatives. People who are trying to track people down.

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Maroochydore Surf Club – Website & and Content Management System 

For Maroochydore Surf Club, one of Sunshine Coast?s biggest and long living surf clubs, Nick Bowen developed a new website to compliment the massive multi-million dollar redevelopment of the existing building.

The website stands out from the crowd and showcases Maroochydore Surf Clubs award winning facilities from a historical perspective to the now?

The website creation caters for patrons to liase with the surf club online and enables management and staff of Maroochy Surf Club to access a secure login area of the site to update their events and happenings, that display instantly on the website.

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Motif Mania – Brochure & Online Photo/Product Gallery

Motif Mania is a catalogue ordering small business, Nick Bowen was commissioned to develop an online showcase to promote Motif Mania’s services and products. The purpose of this site was to give the owner of the business access to a larger audience and to minimise operational costs by placing a normally ‘black and white product catalogue’ online as a full colour product listing..

Nick Bowen is responsible for the new look and feel of the business with the creation of “MM” and the logo in the head banner of the site.

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Longboarders Lodge – A4 Tourims Brochure Design (Print Media)


Kleenmaid – Informative Website & Liaison System

Nick Bowen was commissioned to create an implement a new section into the already existing Keenmaid website. The purpose of the project was to entice new franchise members to share in the fantastic success of Kleenmaid’s strong growth.

The project needed to allow information to be presented about available franchises and enable to user to download applications and other forms of material.

Unfortunately. After the development of this project Kleenmaid’s corporate focus changed and this part of the website was decommissioned.

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Kitchens By Bowen – Brand and Identity Package

Kitchens by Bowen was looking for a new professional image to enter the cabinet making market with a bang!. Recently I created a new logo, business cards and stationary to position Kitchens by Bowen as unique and service orientated trade business. As Kitchens By Bowen moves forward I will be keeping a close eye on this business and nurturing its needs.

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J R Education – Brand and Identity Package including Web Presence 

J R Education was looking for a new professional image to drive the business forward. Recently I created a new logo, business cards and stationary to help launch J R Education to a new space in the business arena. As J R Education grows and turns into a robust entity I look forward to rolling out the entire visual communication package into items such as – website, books, merchandise and much more.

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Hound House – A4 Trade Show Brochure Design


Holiday Maroochydore – Website Re-Development & Database Design & Search Engine Optimisation

Nick Bowen was commissioned to develop a reliable database and management system to enable the owner of the site to make regular changes to the site. The site contains an administration section to allow the owner to add/edit or update listings.

An Audit was carried out on the entire system and Nick Bowen discovered the way the site was originally built made it next to impossible for the server to make backups of the site. This proved to be very costly for the owner as one of the servers crashed and the database was lost.

Nick Bowen successfully achieved his task and the site has been build on a secure system architecture that allows the server to make automatic backups of the database and adds extra functionality to the site.

Nick Bowen has recently redeveloped this site to be optimised for search engine listings such as google and yahoo.

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Hello Darling – Product Gallery & Shopping Cart Website

For Hellodarling, originally a wholesale BTB website, Nick Bowen developed a retail online quotation application to allows users to add products to a quotation cart and request a quotation on products selected.

The site is formulated to send automated emails to the mail centre and record all quotations made online through an interactive database management system.

Hello darling is created as a cost effective means to get the general public aware of their products available. The site has an administration centre to allow staff members to edit, update and delete products

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Gala Events – Website Upgrades & Database Maintenance

Nick Bowen was commissioned to complete updates to the database system and website programming engine.

The site is built entirely in flash and runs using a back end database system. The site also contains an administration area where the owners of the webstite are able to add/delete and edit content.

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The Waterfront Hotel

Website & Montly Updates

Nick Bowen was contracted to develop an online presence

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The Wharf Tavern – Moloolaba

Nick Bowen was asked to develop a cost effective and efficient web presence for The Wharf Tavern. has now out grown the simple web presence into a complex data management system, advertising to users, patrons and onlookers, the events and happenings within the tavern.

The website is refreshed every month with up-to-date information of bands and promotional events, so patrons of the wharf tavern have easy access to all on goings within the tavern, enabling them to never miss a beat!

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