Client Terms of Service

Client Terms of Service


Tading Name: Nijo Dream Pty Ltd 

ACN: 115 131 970


PO Box 4466, Robina Town Centre 4230

mobile: 0422 723 423



We build a working site for the client to be hosted on our development server. This site will be used by the client to check design, functionality and content. The site will remain at this location until the client has approved, signed off and paid for the site in full.


An initial payment of 30% of the estimated price is required to commence work. A further 50% is then due on presentation of the site in a working model on our development server. The balance of payment 20% must be made to us (when the website is approved and signed-off by the client) before delivery will occur (by FTP, USB drive, DVD or CD-ROM) on the internet or an otherwise specified delivery format.  All deposits and payments made are non-refundable.
We use Fresh Books, a web service for invoicing and statements. We make accounting easy for transactions between our clients and us. It is easy to use and has great features for keeping on top of payments and estimates.


We flag a possible maximum 25% of the development fee in case of any unforeseen issues but this is generally not required. Any changes to content already signed off will incur these charges.


We take no responsibility for any errors in web content after it has gone live. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure all content is correct before delivery and printing.
All images provided by the client for their website must be copyright-approved before delivery. We take no responsibility for the copyright of any supplied images. Sometimes we can source a range of images for you, but these must be purchased by the client and supplied to us in the purchased format before we can use them in the design. Alternatively we can arrange to have photography taken at your discretion.
All content is preferably to be delivered in one package, containing all images, text, captions, etc. This package must contain clear instructions on where the content is to go, or be in accordance to the site plan presented to client prior to production.
Changes to initial brief
If it is deemed that any item requested by the client does not fit within the initial brief, the client will be notified immediately. The item will then be either quoted separately, or charged as an extra.


Once a web site or artwork has been approved and signed off, all additional corrections and modifications to the site will be charged as extras.


We cannot accept responsibility for incompatibility on dated browsers or lack of plug-ins/helper programs if more advanced (non standards-compliant) technology is used in the development of websites or applications.
We make every effort to stay up to date with new technologies and are considerate that the masses of internet users are slower to adapt to new technologies so we create sites that work based on what the client requires, and the most user can view, while holding site design and integrity… the lowest common denominator.


We will take care to insert basic Meta data (title, keywords, alt text and description) into each document and will perform basic search engine submissions of a new site. However, we are designers of information and media and do not consider ourselves as experts in search engine seeding and therefore take no responsibility for search engine results (unless otherwise agreed upon i.e. paid submission program).


We will refer you onto our professional business partners who know the show in regards to SEO and optimisation services. We can either directly liaise for you, or alternatively we have representatives at these companies that work on behalf of us, and work with you and your marketing plans to get your desired internet marketing results.
All information, ideas and concepts in this website and client correspondence, cannot be reproduced without the written consent of the author.
All copyright and I.P remains the property of “NIJO DREAM PTY LTD”, unless otherwise stated, or officially handed over to a paying client.